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This wine is the vision of our home grown fruit.  Sparkling wine produced in the traditional method.  Vineyards plowed by horse.  Field blended, no manipulations, native yeast fermented, no sulfur added, aged two years on the lees in bottle.  Disgorged by hand with no dosage.  This wine is a wine club only wine.

 Wildman cider

cider produced from apples gathered from wild seedling trees and old unmaintained trees of unknown varieties.  Native yeast fermented, unfiltered, bottle conditioned, no sulfites added.  This is a wine club only wine.


Bottled during the end of active fermentation, this wine continues to ferment in the bottle leaving it dry, cloudy, yeasty, full of life, and with a natural effervescence.  Released immediately after bottling, it is the fresh wine of the harvest.  It is intensely fruity after bottling, but ages gracefully into more yeasty, toasty aromas.

Hoboken Station Cider

A field blended cider comprised of many esoteric, bitersweet, cider specific apple varieties.  Each tank is allowed to spontaneously ferment through the winter with the yeasts native to the fruit and our cellar.  Bottled unfiltered with no sulfites added.  Bottle-conditioned.


 dry Cider

cider produced from apples grown at willow pond orchard in sabattus.  light bodied, great sourness, super refreshing with great bubble structure.  Partially native yeast fermented, unfiltered, bottled conditioned, no sulfites added.




Villager White

50/50 Blend of seyval blanc and cayuga sourced from Serenity vineyards on the west side of seneca lake, ny.  Just a bit off-dry, super aromatic with lots of acidity makes this a super crisp, germanic style wine.


enological all-stars white

2014 - Late Harvest Riesling


enological all-stars red

2014 - Whole Cluster Fermented Dolcetto

2015 - Whole cluster fermented Nebbiolo


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